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Tikhon Rybakov
Tikhon Rybakov

Measurement Studio: A Practical Guide for Developing Measurement and Control Systems in C# [2013, PDF, RUS] - Torrent Download

This presentation of 8.04 by Barton Zwiebach (2016) differs somewhat and complements nicely the presentation of Allan Adams (2013). Adams covers a larger set of ideas; Zwiebach tends to go deeper into a smaller set of ideas, offering a systematic and detailed treatment. Adams begins with the subtleties of superpostion, while Zwiebach discusses the surprises of interaction-free measurements. While both courses overlap over a sizable amount of standard material, Adams discussed applications to condensed matter physics, while Zwiebach focused on scattering and resonances. The different perspectives of the instructors make the problem sets in the two courses rather different.

Measurement Studio 2013 Torrent

Game piracy isn't just something that affects big studios, and it can have a huge impact on smaller teams; that's why the coders behind Game Dev Tycoon decided to release their own cracked version, albeit with a moral lesson hardcoded for pirates. Fully expecting a cracked copy of the game to surface shortly after the $7.99 Game Dev Tycoon was released, Greenheart Games pipped the pirates to the post and added a torrent of their own. However, what downloaders didn't realize was that the cracked version had a bug the authentic one didn't: players would inevitably run into the effects of game theft.


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