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Josiah Hernandez
Josiah Hernandez

[S5E6] Can't Nobody Hold Me Down REPACK

Rebecca Lima 33:51Like, I have to put energy into making things happen and everything else will follow. And it's taking that first step. It might be the The hardest email you've ever said, but taking that first step will allow you to, to say, okay, that wasn't that bad. So the next email I send shouldn't be that bad. And, you know, it's all just like coaching yourself through the day sometimes and it's exhausting, but, but it needs to be done because it's, especially if you're an entrepreneur, right? Or especially if you are tasked with something like a new project at work, like you are the leader of that task. You are the leader of that assignment. I'm the leader of my company, I need to work past it. No one else is going to be like, hey, Becca, like work past that, like, No, you have to motivate yourself. So it's constantly coaching. It's literally questioning why I'm not doing the things that move the needle forward. And it's writing it down. Like it's writing down my fears. Like, I write down You know, I write down in my journal every day like, you're not alone. This is your fight. You have to work through it like, and it sounds so cliche or It sounds so like dramatic but it's true like we fight our demons inside of us every day that that that voice in your head that says you can't do it. That's a fight. That's an that's a mental fight that you have to work through. So yeah, I don't know. I just that's what I do every day mentally coach myself.

[S5E6] Can't Nobody Hold Me Down



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