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[S4E6] I Love You All Wrong

Her dad asks if she had a bad day, and Sana explains she has a biology exam next week. Her dad assures her that she is good at that, asking what the problem is. Sana explains that if she's going to be a surgeon like him one day, she needs good grades. Both her parents assure her that she will, because she is a good student. Her parents then talk about the car again, before Sana hesitantly asks about Jamilla. Her mom says she started a nursing program at University, and says she's glad Sana asked. Noora replies to Sana's 'sorry' text asking if something is wrong because she is so quiet lately.

[S4E6] I Love You All Wrong


Isak then appears behind Sana, asking her if Sara stole her friends or something. Sana jumps a bit, and then denies it being true. Isak says he was kidding, before he moves to look out of the window himself. He comments 'Fake Fake Fake' when he sees the girls, saying Sara doesn't even like Vilde. When Sana asks how he knows, Isak explains that Sara talks shit about Vilde. Sana asks 'To you' and Isak nods. When Sana asks if he and Sara are friends, Isak explains that they were in a relationship. Sana seems to remember that then, asking him how he could stand dating her. Isak explains it wasn't a very sexual relationship and that they mostly chatted. He says looking back, he was more of an online psychologist than a boyfriend. He comments that he would have loved some payment for all the time that he spent reading Sara talking shit about russ, which he didn't give a fuck about.

The real estate that "plays" Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle, has been the home of the Carnarvon family since 1679. In 1922, George Herbert, the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, co-discovered the Tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. On the show, the names of the Earl of Grantham's beloved dogs, Isis and Pharaoh, are nods to the real castle's connection to Egyptian history.

I started Wherever I Look back in 2011 and have aimed to be that friend who loves watching various forms of media and talking about it. So, from bias, strong opinions, and a perspective you may not have thought about, you'll find that in our reviews.

Those two are "true" vikings to Floki. Ragnar is too Christianized, too soft. But Harald and Halfdan gladly burn Christian prisoners, just for sport, and Floki joins in merrily, angrily dismissing poor Helga who asks "Isn't Ragnar your friend?" To her, Ragnar spared him and deserves Floki's love; to Floki, Ragnar tortured and humiliated him. No matter how you spin things, Ragnar has become more and more isolated and alone. Only Bjorn truly has his back, but he treats Bjorn like a stupid child still.

Like Ragnar and his vision of what might have been, I do miss earlier seasons of Vikings. I miss the old Ragnar, full of ideas and big dreams. I miss the funny, happy-go-lucky Floki who was content and not warped by jealousy and zeal. I miss the happy Lagertha, before Ragnar betrayed her. I miss all these things, but I suppose that's like life. I miss waking up in my bed as a child to the smell of my parent's coffee. I miss loved ones who have passed away. I miss simpler times.

Most irritating Rory or Lorelai moment:Rory spends the entire episode stomping around, whining about how there are no good places to study at Yale. Welcome to the real world, jackass. If you're distracted on a quiet campus, how the hell are you going to deal with the beloved open office spaces of the 2010s? Buy yourself a pair of noise cancelling headphones and prepare for a lifetime of unavoidable distraction.

Stars Hollow weirdness:Kirk prepares for his date with Lulu (Rini Bell) in the cutest, most eccentric way possible. He asks Lorelai for fashion advice, pays Luke off for the best table in the house, brings champagne and flowers, and tapes himself on test-runs so that he can revise his strategy accordingly. I probably don't mention it enough, but I fucking love Kirk. Despite the fact that he creepily inquires about the price of Luke's apartment for post-date sex (and asks an old woman if meatloaf makes her horny), he treats Lulu like a total gentleman. He even asks for help gauging her interest when the big day comes to make sure he isn't misreading the signs.

It's a shame that the party doesn't happen because Sookie really had her heart set on a minivan for little Davey (gross). When Emily asks Jason for his party guest list, he informs her that cocktail parties are for old people. He wants to take all of the company's clients, who I imagine are exact replicas of Donald Trump, to Atlantic City for hookers and cocaine. I hate to side with Jason, but his idea is good. Old White men love tacky debauchery significantly more than perfect floral arrangements and expensive bone china.

When Richard decides to run with Jason's idea, Emily is dejected. Her party planning responsibilities are rescinded, and she's basically told to her face that she's obsolete. After Emily fires her, Lorelai is initially angry but quickly becomes concerned when she receives zero pushback. Emily even apologizes and admits wrongdoing! Of course, that asshole Digger is behind all of this. As soon as Lorelai figures out what's going on, she throws a denim jacket over her Juicy Couture sweatpants, storms into Jason's office, and tells him how she feels.

You would feel much stronger if Kate and Phoebe were the main people who Joe was interacting with in his new London life. A few appearances by Adam Pratt (Lukas Gage) would be fine since he and Phoebe struggle with whether to get engaged and it's interesting watching Phoebe wonder if he truly loves her or if she can do better. And while season 1 isn't nearly as good as the shocking The White Lotus season 2 finale, Gage does appear in the first few episodes of the HBO drama, and he proves his great acting talents in this role as well. Still, there are too many rich friends who all blend into each other.

Aya Tsintziras is a freelance writer who writes about TV, movies, and has a particular interest in the horror genre. She has a Political Science degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Journalism from Ryerson University. She loves coffee, reading, working out, and watching TV. She lives in Toronto.

Jerry Sampson is a freelance writer, horror writer, screenwriter, and editor. Her love for film and the horror genre leads her to explore and question the darkness that lies in the shadows of human existence. She studies the concept of inherited trauma and finds that theme coming up unconsciously in much of her work. Jerry finds shelter in writing, reading and watching sinister stories that haunt and terrify. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and cat-child.

The reason I love this is because of the misdirect. The title could also, quite accurately, refer to (poor) Martha Hanson, who spends most of this episode being held in a safe place by the KGB until they can get her out of the country to another safe place (which turns out to be Moscow).

But this episode got me there, particularly thanks to Alison Wright's work. I love how she just slowly empties of anything other than her desperate need to survive and her desperate need to believe Clark's love for her is real (so at least she got something out of this whole mess). And when the two are pitted against each other, the former is what wins.

Todd: There's nothing wrong with the way the show cuts away to other stories, either. I appreciated knowing what was up with William this week, for instance, or checking in on the Rezidentura (which is also working on the Martha problem from its own angle).

After one brother breaks the other's toy, the wronged kid tells Hector he wishes his brother were dead. Hector responds by attempting to drown the offending brother to prove a point: Don't turn against family, no matter what. "La familia es todo."

When Russ's first love, Emilia is kidnapped by the same rebels he fought during his private military contract days, he takes the Phoenix team to a small, impoverished town to rescue her and rid the town of the rebels for good.

Valentine runs in and Ross finally meets his secret love child for the first time. Ross shakes his little hand and says, "Happy to make your acquaintance, sir." Maybe it's leftover Baby Sara feels, but I'm oddly touched!

Later that day, Drake follows Sam's advice and shows up at Morwenna's house. He lays it all on the line: "I love ye still. And so I ask one final time, Will ye not take me? 'Tis no sin to love me. Can you not see that there be hope?"

They both take this in their different ways, Mary is delighted because she identifies them both being restored to the succession as a signal that their father loves them. Elizabeth points out the power possibilities.

"Everybody's always worried about Steve. I love it," Matt Duffer told the publication. "We always have to beat Steve up somehow, so certainly the Demobats have done that job pretty well already this season."

In the season premiere, Summer Kind of Wonderful, it's revealed that Chuck never made it to Europe and left Blair hanging all summer. He instead went to the Hamptons with Serena, Eric, and CeCe Rhodes, sleeping with a different girl every night to get over Blair. When she returns, she brings along her new boyfriend Marcus Beaton, much to Chuck's dismay. He becomes suspicious of Marcus, especially after hearing him say things about his life that doesn't match with what he told Blair. During the annual Vitamin Water White Party, Marcus reveals to Blair that he is a British Lord that lied about his identity to make sure she wasn't using him. At the end of the party, Chuck approaches Blair while she is waiting for Marcus and asks her not to leave with him. She asks him to admit he loves her and she'll leave Marcus to be with him, but he is unable to do so. Hurt, Blair leaves with Marcus.

Meanwhile, Vanessa has taken an interest in Nate, which she loses when she learns he's sleeping with Catherine for money. She soon discovers that Catherine is also sleeping with Marcus, and she tells Blair hoping to get Nate out of the arrangement. As a result, Blair ends things with Marcus (The Ex-Files). Later, Vanessa uses the pictures she took of Marcus and Catherine to blackmail Blair into helping her save an old Brooklyn bar. Angry at being played, she entices Chuck into seducing Vanessa for humiliation, promising to sleep with him if he succeeds. He agrees, but finds he likes the bar and plans to actually save it. When Blair realizes he is acting friendly with Vanessa and planning to help her, she ends the game and announces to him that he won after telling Vanessa everything. When he comes to collect his prize, a night with her, he asks her to say she loves him. She refuses, saying she will never say those words to him and he replies that it's now her turn to chase him (Chuck In Real Life). 041b061a72


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