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Algebra 2007 Gdz ((HOT))

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algebra 2007 gdz

H. Hida, L-invariant of p-adic L-functions, in"THE CONFERENCE ON L-FUNCTIONS" pp.17--53, 2007 (the notes of Lectures at Kyushu university and Harvard university, 2/06-5/06;[World Scientific web page on this book]),a preprint-version: [pdf],

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Loosely speaking the notion of Puppe exact categories is that of abelian categories without the requirement of additivity. The remaining exactness properties still permit a considerable amount of homological algebra.

The notion of Puppe exact categories was introduced by Puppe (1962) as a weakening of the notion of abelian categories. Their homological algebra was studied by Mitchell (1965). They were extensively used by Marco Grandis in his work on distributive homological algebra in the 1980s. 041b061a72


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