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Josiah Hernandez
Josiah Hernandez

Witch Of The Netherworld 720p

Singh: If Agatha's whole shtick was that she's a power-hungry witch who wanted to dabble in Chaos Magic, I'm disappointed. To me, not knowing her end goal or motivation makes her a less interesting villain (though I have to commend Kathryn Hahn for her incredible performance throughout).

Witch of the Netherworld 720p

Acuna: Remember when I tried to convince you that Dottie was the leader of the New Salem witches and showed you images that resembled one another from episodes two and eight as proof?

Acuna: I really thought Agatha's endgame was to use Wanda to help bring this mysterious husband, Ralph (who we were convinced was Mephisto), back from the dead or netherworld. Agatha seemed overly interested in Wanda's powers when the twins suggested their mom could bring people back from the dead.


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