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Triviador Online: The Best Way to Enjoy Trivia and Strategy

Triviador Online: A Fun and Challenging Strategy Quiz Game

Do you love trivia games? Do you enjoy strategy games? Do you want to combine both genres in one exciting and addictive game? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try Triviador Online, a unique game that offers more than a simple trivia game. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Triviador Online, how to play it, and why you should play it.

What is Triviador Online?

Triviador Online is a browser-based online game that combines trivia questions with strategy elements. It is developed by THX Games, a Hungarian company that specializes in creating online quiz games. Triviador Online was launched in 2012, and since then it has gained millions of fans around the world. The game is available in 19 languages, and it covers various topics such as history, geography, culture, science, sports, entertainment, and more.

triviador online

The game is based on a map of the world, where each country is divided into several territories. The goal of the game is to conquer as many territories as possible by answering trivia questions correctly. You can play against one or two other players, either randomly matched or from your friends list. You can also join or create clans, chat with other players, participate in tournaments, and earn achievements and rewards.

How to Play Triviador Online?

The gameplay of Triviador Online is simple but challenging. Here are the basics of how to play:

Choosing a country and a language

Before you start playing, you need to choose a country and a language. You can choose any country from the list, but keep in mind that some countries have more players than others, which means more competition. You can also choose any language from the list, but make sure you are comfortable with it, as the trivia questions will be in that language.

Answering trivia questions and conquering territories

Once you enter a game, you will see a map of the world with your chosen country highlighted. You will also see your opponents' countries and their colors. Each round consists of three trivia questions, each with four possible answers. You have 20 seconds to answer each question. The faster you answer, the more points you get. If you answer correctly, you also get to conquer one territory from your opponents. If you answer incorrectly, you lose one territory to your opponents.

Attacking castles and earning gold

Besides territories, there are also castles on the map. Castles are special territories that give you extra points and gold if you conquer them. Gold is the currency of the game, which you can use to buy power-ups and boosters. To attack a castle, you need to answer a special question that is worth more points than a regular question. However, attacking a castle also exposes you to more risk, as your opponents can steal your gold if they answer correctly.

Using power-ups and boosters

Power-ups and boosters are items that can help you in the game. Power-ups are used during the game, while boosters are used before or after the game. You can buy power-ups and boosters with gold or real money. Some examples of power-ups are:

  • Bomb: Eliminates one wrong answer from the question.

  • Shield: Protects your gold from being stolen by your opponents.

  • Double: Doubles your points for the next question.

Some examples of boosters are:

  • Extra Time: Adds 10 seconds to the timer for each question.

  • Extra Gold: Gives you 50% more gold for each castle you conquer.

  • Extra Points: Gives you 50% more points for each question you answer correctly.

Why Play Triviador Online?

Triviador Online is not just a game, it is also a learning experience. Here are some of the benefits of playing Triviador Online:

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Learning new facts and improving your knowledge

Triviador Online offers a wide range of trivia questions that cover various topics and levels of difficulty. By playing Triviador Online, you can learn new facts and information that you may not know before. You can also improve your knowledge and memory by recalling the answers to the questions. You can even challenge yourself by choosing a different language or a different country to play in.

Developing your strategic thinking and decision making skills

Triviador Online is not just about answering trivia questions, it is also about planning your moves and choosing your actions. You need to think strategically and decide which territories to conquer, which castles to attack, which power-ups to use, and which opponents to target. You also need to balance your risk and reward, as well as your time and resources. By playing Triviador Online, you can develop your strategic thinking and decision making skills, which can help you in other aspects of life.

Competing with other players and making friends

Triviador Online is a multiplayer game that allows you to compete with other players from around the world. You can test your knowledge and skills against other players, and see how you rank on the global leaderboard. You can also chat with other players, make friends, join or create clans, and participate in tournaments. By playing Triviador Online, you can have fun and socialize with other people who share your interest in trivia and strategy games.

Enjoying the graphics and the sound effects

Triviador Online is not only a fun and challenging game, but also a visually appealing and immersive game. The game features colorful graphics and animations that create a lively and realistic atmosphere. The game also features sound effects and music that enhance the mood and the excitement of the game. By playing Triviador Online, you can enjoy a high-quality gaming experience that will keep you entertained for hours.


Triviador Online is a game that combines trivia questions with strategy elements. It is a game that offers more than a simple trivia game. It is a game that can help you learn new facts, improve your knowledge, develop your strategic thinking, compete with other players, make friends, and have fun. If you are looking for a game that can challenge your mind and entertain your senses, then you should try Triviador Online today. You can play it for free on your browser, or download it on your mobile device. What are you waiting for? Join the Triviador community now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How can I play Triviador Online?

  • A: You can play Triviador Online on your browser by visiting .

  • Q: How can I change my country or language?

  • A: You can change your country or language by clicking on the flag icon on the top right corner of the screen.

  • Q: How can I earn more gold?

  • A: You can earn more gold by conquering castles, using boosters, completing achievements, or buying gold with real money.

  • Q: How can I join or create a clan?

  • A: You can join or create a clan by clicking on the clan icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.

  • Q: How can I contact the support team?

  • A: You can contact the support team by clicking on the help icon on the top left corner of the screen.


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