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How To Buy Good Sheets

The first step is to figure out what texture of fabric you like and how warm or cool you want to feel when sliding into bed. Most people should have at least one or two sets of cotton percale or sateen sheets for year-round use, but you may want to invest in flannel or linen sets depending on how cold or warm your room gets seasonally (or mix and match different types of sheets for extra comfort).

how to buy good sheets

Color/patternA new set of sheets can be a great way to add vivid color or pattern to your bed. Just keep in mind that brightly hued or patterned sheets might be harder to care for than white sheets that you can bleach or use OxiClean on. Stains from kids, sweat, periods, or bedtime snacks will be harder to remove without these more aggressive cleaning methods. If you use acne cream, you may also want to consider white or light-colored sheets (at least pillowcases), because the benzoyl peroxide can bleach the fabric. In our experience, white or solid-colored sheets will always look newer longer than those with patterns, especially those with lots of contrast, which we have found tend to look dingy more quickly.

"Cotton is by far the most-loved fabric for sheets," says Jim Symmes, vice president at Revman International, which manufactures sheets for prominent brands such as Tommy Bahama and Laura Ashley. "It's soft, durable and breathes well. But improvements in the manufacturing process and finishing techniques mean that other fabrics like polyester can be a viable alternative to cotton." What you're looking for is what the industry dubs a nice "hand"-soft and luxe to the touch.

Don't assume a low thread count means low-quality sheets. "There are 200-count cotton sheets out there that are finished very nicely and actually feel like they have a higher thread count," Symmes says. "Fewer chemicals and more mechanical finishings are used these days, giving a nice hand and performance." If you're watching pennies, try 200-count combed cotton sets from a well-known brand; name brands are likely to have high certification standards for their finishing processes.

Cotton jersey sheets are also reasonably priced and very breathable because they're knit rather than woven. Jersey is basically t-shirt fabric, so jersey sheets may appeal to you if you like sleeping in a soft old shirt.

The highest-quality, softest sheets use cotton with extra-long fibers (called long-staple fibers) that can be spun into fine, strong yarns. Certified long-staple cotton includes Egyptian, Pima and Supima. That doesn't mean that other types of cotton don't make nice sheets, Symmes says. A fabric that is finished nicely with a high thread count can be made of non-certified cotton and still be very comfortable.

As a general rule of thumb, snoozers who shower before bed and wear pajamas can clean their sheets every two weeks. (If you have a bout of allergies or snuggle with your furry friend, you might want to clean them sooner.) But, if you are home sick or have chronic skin problems, you might want to change them on a daily basis.

Weaving styles include percale, sateen, and twill. Standard fabric styles include organic cotton sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets, long-staple cotton sheets, linen sheets, microfiber sheets, cotton-polyester blends, Pima cotton, and cotton blends.

Learning how to buy sheets for your mattress can help you create a luxurious sleep haven that you enjoy crawling into each night. When searching for your sheets, keep in mind the size of your bed needs to correspond to the size sheets you use.

If you're a warm sleeper, you'll want the best bed sheets to keep you cool, and if you're a cold sleeper, you'll need the opposite. Thread counts won't help you in this department, but what the products are made of and their manufacturing techniques will count.

Warm sleepers often appreciate moisture-wicking sheets to keep cool throughout the night, so breathable products like cotton and linen should work great. If you sleep cold, flannel options make excellent option that should keep you cozy.

Washing your bed sheets regularly is essential to keeping your sheets in good condition. Whether sleeping on flannel sheets, linen, or cotton percale, good bed sheets should become softer with every wash.

Low thread counts and high thread count sheets both need to be looked after with care. Before washing, make sure to read the label and proceed accordingly. Also, make sure to dry them as instructed. Most sheets are acceptable to be thrown into a dryer; however, line drying can help a particular fabric maintain its integrity.

Trends change frequently, but choosing neutral color sheets can provide an excellent foundation for a beautiful and serene bedroom, and great-looking bed set are hard to beat when it comes to style. Additionally, a soft, luxurious set like linen can add an inviting texture to your aesthetic.

Quality sets can turn a mediocre mattress into a heavenly escape, and the wrong ones can leave your body itching for relief. The price of bed sheets can vary dramatically, and what material your sheets are made of can significantly influence the price tag.

Keep an eye out for the return policy when purchasing, just in case you hop into your bedsheets and realize they're not what was promised. Occasionally a fitted sheet won't grip nicely, resulting in annoying excess material; alternatively, the bedsheets could be lower quality than advertised, in which case a liberal return policy could come in handy.

If you care about your quality of rest, investing in your bed sheets should be worth your while. Whether it's just a top and fitted sheet, or an entire bed set, it could make a massive difference in your attitude towards rest. A mattress can help with support and pressure, but a duvet cover and quality sheets can take your sleep to a whole new level of comfort.

How do you know whether a cotton sheet is a good-quality sheet? While consumers often hear a lot about thread count, many factors can affect the feel and longevity of cotton sheets, including the weave and type of cotton fiber. Consider the following.

When trying to choose the best type of sheets to buy for your home, it is a good idea to learn a little bit about the different types of sheets available, how to choose sheets that best suit your needs, and the best type of sheets to buy. Our Bed Sheet Buying Guide is here to help with information, tips, and suggestions to assist you in finding the best type of sheets for you.

The first step to understanding some basics about luxury bedding is to learn more about the different types of fabrics and weaves that are available. Once you know about your options for different types of materials for sheets, you can better make a choice about the best type of sheets to purchase for your home.

One of the most popular fabrics for luxury sheets is cotton. Not only is it super soft and comfortable, but it is also very durable and offers great breathability. The best quality luxury sheets are made from cotton with long-staple fibers that are spun into high-quality, fine yarns.

You may have heard terms like percale, sateen, and Pima cotton, which are all used to describe how the fabric for the cotton sheets is woven, however, you may not be familiar with the features of each as well as the differences.

Linen is another popular fabric choice for luxury bed sheets. Breathable, natural linen bedding exudes laid-back luxury and is an excellent choice for warmer climates due to its natural wicking qualities.

The natural fibers of luxury linen sheets offer texture and dimension to your sleep experience, which is the opposite of cotton sheeting that feels smooth and crisp. Those who enjoy the simple and textured style of luxury linen sheets include them among the finest sheets in the world.

Next, you may have seen other terms used to describe sheets such as thread count, it is important to know the proper sheet lingo when shopping for luxury sheet sets for your home. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about buying luxury bed sheets.

Luxury bedding comes down to the finest, carefully selected materials that create the ultimate sleep experience. Choice luxury sheets are made from long-staple cotton fibers that are spun into high quality yarns. Egyptian cotton is highly sought after, but it is the long-staple fibers that are crucial for the most luxurious feel and lasting comfort.

A sateen weave matched with extra-long staple cotton is considered the best combination for luxury sheets. Sheets made with extra-long staple cotton and thread counts between 420 and 600 provide the softest and smoothest texture. Peacock Alley's Emily Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set, Soprano Sateen Sheet Set and Virtuoso Sateen Sheet Set are made to meet the standards of the finest sheets in the world, made in India, Portugal and Italy.

A good rule of thumb for quality sheets is a thread count of 200 to 300 for percale sheets, 300 to 600 for sateen sheets, and 80 to 120 for linen sheets. Sometimes, thread counts are inflated, though, to make sheets appear to be a higher quality than they actually are. For example, if a fabric is made using two-ply yarn, which is actually two individual threads twisted together, some manufacturers count both threads, which artificially doubles the thread count.

A high-quality set of sheets can last from 5 to 10 years if properly cared for and maintained on a regular basis. Lesser quality sheets are most likely ready to be replaced within two years. When you notice that the fit of the sheets is no longer a snug, firm one, they start to look dingy after time, or the material is pilling or has tears, it is time to start shopping for new luxury linens for your bed. If your budget allows, it is a good idea to have an extra set of luxury sheets for each bed in your home to make changing sheets more convenient and less time-consuming.

Before you begin shopping for luxury sheets, it is important to know exactly what size sheets you need for your bed. There are more factors that go into choosing the correct sheet size besides just knowing if you have a full, queen, or king mattress. 041b061a72


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