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Compassionate Lifer

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

In January next year it will be five years since I had my 'Matrix Moment'. We, my husband and I, had recently adopted a Bull Arab cross 5 month old puppy from the RSPCA and as you do, had a running commentary about what she was saying and thinking.

One afternoon driving home from work on the Logan Motorway I had the misfortune of being stuck behind a truck carrying cattle, something I have always hated seeing.

At the back of the truck a cow popped its head over the top of the railing and began looking around, he looked so happy, almost like a dog looking out of the car window, and of course I immediately broke into the cow dialogue.

'Ohh, I wonder where I'm going?' he thought.

It only took seconds for me to consider his fate, and immediately broke into tears, he was going to meet his maker along with all of his friends. I cried the rest of the journey home and have not eaten meat since.

I liken the experience to the movie the Matrix. 'Do you take the red pill or the blue pill?'

You can take the red pill and they plug you back in and you never know the difference, or you can take the blue pill and see how deep the rabbit warren really goes.

I chose the blue pill, and what I found I did not like .......!

I coined my own term - 'A Compassionate Lifer'

So what is a 'Compassionate Lifer'?

It is what you become when you just want to be yourself and not have to say I'm Vegan. I do not class myself as Vegan as such although I do not eat or buy or use anything containing animal products or anything that creates suffering in any form whether it be human or sentient being. We live a life of compassion, not just for animals but for the planet, for humanity, for all of creation.

Making a difference for everything that has breath, is what it means to me, if it has life it deserves compassion, consideration and kindness. The planet lives and breathes, therefore we should give her the same.

So now you know a little about me and my story, I was changed twice in an instant, once by God the Creator of all things and then by my conscience.

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