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Loving and Letting Go - In memory of Edna

There’s been no happiness here today,

our beautiful Edna has gone away.

Hearts are heavy, and tears just flow,

we love you sweetheart, but we let you go.

Now over the rainbow way up in the sky,

there is a road to journey, that all must go by.

It’s the way to peace and a place of such joy,

of reunions and happiness for each girl and boy.

Now off in the distance the excitement began,

in The Garden, so lush and so green.

The butterflies swirled upon Lowey’s nose,

leaving silver dust where they had just been.

“It’s Edna!” Lowey said and jumped to his feet,

grabbing Bear by his soft furry paw.

“Come on old Chum” Avery added

“she’ll be waiting to see you for sure!”

Then all through the air voices were heard,

as her mum and dad started to pray.

“We loved her so much Great Gardener,

So much, but she’s now on her way!”

And all through the land the celebrations began,

as Edna woke up on the Covenant Way.

she opened her eyes, and couldn’t believe,

the colours that filled the skies.

At the end of the road Bears familiar face was smiling,

so kind and so sweet.

“Come on Edna, you will never guess,

who you are going to meet!”

“For everyone you have ever loved,

is here to see you today.

Your piggie brothers and sisters,

have come here to see you and play.”

“It’s the loveliest place that ever there was,

it’s Heaven, you know and it’s true.

A world that was made when love couldn’t hold,

a soul as sweet as you.”

The rainbow shone bright, and the air smelt so sweet,

as sweet as freshly cut hay.

There was a party in The Garden,

it was time celebrate, Edna had now come to stay.

So shed no tears for the ones that are gone,

they are happier now you see.

They have returned to The Garden so lush and so green


our little ones are finally carefree.

For Sherman, Bear, Daniel, Indi, Nino, Cookie and Edna who each hold a piece of our hearts.

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