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Where To Buy Furniture For College Apartment

Bring your college apartment or dorm room to life with unique and affordable dorm room furnishings. The types of furniture in a dorm room are dependent on the size of the room and what is included in it. Does your dorm have beds that are lofted? If yes, it is possible that you have enough room for a dorm futon for friends to crash on. Find chairs, bedside tables and more for your dorm room or college apartment at IKEA. Or go simple and give your dorm room some life with an area rug.

where to buy furniture for college apartment


Feature a classic tufted design, this futon sofa couch bed adds mid-century charm to your apartment, living room, or studio while its streamlined silhouette square arms fuse to make a modern look. And the loveseat sofa bed helps you solve the problem of where to put your guests when they stay overnight without a bed frame! Features: Modern loveseat futon sofa bed with tufted back design. Can use as two single chairs separate when taking them apart. With 3 angles adjustable backrest, convertible loveseat into beds. Solid wood frame futon sofa with 8 wooden legs provides maximum support. Hidden support bar in the backrest to prevent sleeping overturning. Side pockets offer you enough place to put the items at hand. The PU leather fabric surface makes it easy to clean and maintain. Perfect couches for living room, bedroom, studio, dormitory, apartment, etc. Dimensions: Size as a loveseat sofa: 73.2"(L) x 26.8"(W) x 40.2"(H). Size as a bed: 66.9"(L) x 39.4"(W) x 15.7"(H). Weight capacity: 600 pounds. The number of boxes delivered: 2 Boxes. Note: The color for actual items may be a little different due to different monitors.

Amazon is a staple when it comes to shopping for college. It features a wide variety of every back to school essential including furniture for your dorm room or apartment. The best part is that Amazon offers free shipping for students with Prime Student.

CORT furniture is a furniture rental company specifically for college students moving into apartments while attending school. CORT gives you the option to rent furniture instead of buying it and delivers it to your apartment or dorm room. Renting furniture allows you to save money and makes moving a much swifter process.

College students often rent apartments either on or off campus. These may be unfurnished or partly furnished, meaning you will need to buy at least a few pieces of furniture for college. Fortunately, there are several places where you can get affordable furnishings without compromising on style.

Overstock also has a range of back to college furniture. They also offer financing options and promotions so you might want to wait for deals on more expensive items. You can pay for furniture in installments over six or twelve months.

Several furniture websites were actually set up with college students in mind. They cater to those of you looking to decorate a smaller room on a budget, taking into consideration both practicality and style. A few of these include:

You'll have to filter through the pricey velvet couches and wooden tables, but once you do, you can find some reasonably priced gems. Urban Outfitters is perfect for apartment dwellers who prefer an eclectic vibe, and offers many items with a bright pop of color. One of their biggest trends right now is geometric/metal/minimalist furniture, which fit well in small spaces.

Good old Target. Target offers a great selection of minimalist, sleek furniture. It also offers free shipping with just a $35 minimum purchase. Check out the Small Space Furniture category online, which is perfect for those living in particularly small apartments or studios.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon has some great low-priced furniture pieces for your college apartment! You can easily find cheap and unique items that can be delivered right to your door, in a matter of a couple days if you have Prime (which you should, as a student!). The only downside to shopping on Amazon is that you can only base the quality of items off of the (sometimes limited number) of pictures posted. Luckily, you can also rely on countless customer reviews to help you make a wise decision.

Another way to get furniture for your college apartment is through Facebook. A lot of schools usually have an established free and for sale page solely for students or graduating students. The items sold can range anywhere from school supplies like books to entire lightly-used bed frames. You should keep an eye out for the items being sold on these pages especially during the end of the school year for furniture when people are graduating and need to give them away as soon as possible to move out.

In times of transition, we all need a place to call home. Thanks to CORT, you can make any place, anywhere feel like home. Take advantage of our money-saving specials on furniture rental packages today.

Saying goodbye to your parents' house or your dorm and moving into your first college apartment is a big deal. It's both exciting and overwhelming. The average family of a college student is expected to spend around $976 on school and college supplies, this cost will increase as you move out of the dorms and start spending on apartment furniture and kitchen essentials.

These initial purchases add up fast, so make sure your budget includes these costs. According to the News Times, one of the common mistakes college graduates make in their first apartments is, not planning for expenses beyond rent."

Once your college apartment necessities are all set, it's time to start thinking about smaller furnishings. Resist the urge to fully furnish your apartment right out of the gate. Take it slow. First, measure your apartment, so you know what's going to fit in each room.

As you make your list of what you really need for your first college apartment, try to leave a little budget left over to decorate. This isn't an essential component to your first apartment, but nobody likes to stare at blank walls in their home. For a few inexpensive options, consider:

While some move in carrying with them a dorm checklist focused on smaller, crucial items, many are moving into their first apartment with bigger things to think about buying. Either way, it's best to focus on the essentials on your college apartment checklist to transform your first apartment into a proper home.

Why buy heavy, permanent furniture for a temporary move when you could stay more flexible and mobile? Furnish your college apartment, dorm, or suite on your terms with AFR Furniture Rental and kiss the hassle goodbye. AFR offers amazing and affordable move-in ready furniture packages for students starting as low as $130 per month. Plus, enjoy the ultimate suite life experience when you add other home essentials packages such as popular electronics, kitchen accessories, luxurious linens, bathroom necessities, cleaning essentials, and more! Learn More

When it comes to how to furnish a college apartment on a budget, you want to strike the right balance between affordability and quality. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind when shopping for furniture as a college student.

Odds are, your college friends are moving into their apartments as well. Team up, make a schedule, and figure out when and how you can help each other do the heavy lifting of moving furniture. Make sure to have plenty of water and snacks on hand on move-in day!

Second, collaborate with a trained designer to save time and prevent mistakes. Lucy got the added benefit of working with a trained interior design consultant to create her perfect apartment, wrapped into the cost of finding furniture. There are a lot of surprising hidden perks to working with an interior design consultant.

A brand-new sofa may be the goal, but living room furniture is pricey! Budget sofas, typically made with low-quality materials, can cost anywhere from $300 to $800. Mid-range sofas, made with higher quality materials and more durable construction, are usually $800 to $2,000. High-end sofas are $2,000 to $10,000 or more. Yikes.

Furniture rentals and lease-to-own furniture: For a basic living room setup, which might include a sofa, a loveseat, and a coffee table, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $500 or more per month. Renting a bedroom set, which could include a bed, dresser, and nightstand, could cost anywhere from $100 to $400 or more per month. Keep in mind that if you damage furniture rentals, you may be responsible for the value of the piece in addition to your rental amount. You need to decide if renting/leasing makes financial sense for you.

Moving from your dorm into your college apartment is a major milestone. As you prepare for the next chapter in your life, creating a college apartment checklist will help you stay realistic about college apartment essentials. After all, do you really need a $500 juice maker? We have you covered with a complete list of must-have items for both function and style.

Before bringing in your moving boxes and furniture, have a clear plan of where everything will be placed. Double-check that boxes are labeled clearly so your moving helpers will know which room the boxes belong in.

When preparing your college apartment checklist, multipurpose and space-saving items are a fantastic option. Think about items like ottomans that serve as both seating and a place to tuck away books or blankets.

Move-in day will be a huge success as long as you create a college apartment checklist to guide you along the way. Avoid letting these big changes and decisions overwhelm you. This new chapter of your life will be filled with many happy memories.

The great news about a furnished apartment is all of the large furniture and key pieces are already set up. Bring items such as a mattress protector, a comforter and sheet set, and towels. Charging cables, clothes hangers, and food storage for your personal food items are other must-haves.

If this is your first time moving on your own, it can be overwhelming. We've put together a college apartment checklist to make sure your new apartment has all of the essentials. Follow this checklist and jot down everything you're missing. 041b061a72


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