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How to enjoy Mastana the movie for free online: The best sites and tips

Mastana the movie download free: How to watch this classic comedy online

If you are a fan of Bollywood comedy movies, you must have heard of Mastana, a 1970 film starring Mehmood and Vinod Khanna. This film is a remake of the Telugu film Sattekalapu Satteya (1969), directed by K. Balachander, and is considered one of the best comedy films of all time. But how can you watch this movie online for free? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Mastana, why you should watch it, and how to download it legally and safely.

Mastana the movie download free

What is Mastana the movie about?

Mastana is a story of friendship, love, and comedy. It revolves around Satya (Mehmood), a simple-minded, poor, and lonely man who finds friendship with Nain-Tara (Bobby), a rich but neglected child. The snobbish parents of Nain-Tara resent this friendship and prevent their daughter from seeing Satya, only to result in Nain-Tara falling seriously ill. Only Satya's return can now restore the child back to herself. Satya is willing to return, but has been warned by the police to keep away from the child indefinitely. Meanwhile, Satya also falls in love with Gauri (Padmini), a dancer who helps him escape from the police. Will Satya be able to reunite with Nain-Tara and Gauri? Will he be able to overcome the obstacles posed by Nain-Tara's parents and the police? Watch Mastana to find out.

The plot summary of Mastana

The movie begins with Satya (Mehmood) being chased by the police for stealing a necklace from a jewelry shop. He runs into a theater where Gauri (Padmini) is performing a dance. He hides behind her and escapes with her help. He then follows her to her home and professes his love for her. She initially rejects him but later accepts him after seeing his innocence and kindness.

Meanwhile, Nain-Tara (Bobby) is a lonely child who lives in a mansion with her wealthy parents, Mr. Dhanraj (Rehman) and Mrs. Dhanraj (Shyama). They are too busy with their social life and business affairs to pay attention to her. She longs for a friend who can play with her and make her happy. One day, she sees Satya outside her window and invites him in. Satya agrees and becomes her friend. He entertains her with his jokes, stories, and songs. He also teaches her some life lessons and values.

Nain-Tara's parents are not happy with this friendship and try to separate them. They hire Jaggu (Ramesh Deo), a private detective, to spy on Satya and find out his background. They also arrange for Nain-Tara's marriage with Prasad (Vinod Khanna), a police inspector who is after Satya for his crimes. They lock Nain-Tara in her room and forbid her from seeing Satya.

Satya tries to meet Nain-Tara but is stopped by Prasad and his men. He manages to escape with Gauri's help but is wounded in the process. He reaches Nain-Tara's window and sings a song for her before collapsing. Nain-T b70169992d


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