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Tikhon Rybakov
Tikhon Rybakov


Abstract: It is important to quantitatively assess the relationship between insect diversity and the environment by laying long-term sample plots at a global scale. Consequently, the SITE100 International Science Project was proposed. The project plans to select 100 large sites around the world and use three types of data collection methods, namely, flight interception trap (FIT), Malaise trap (MT), and pitfall trap (PT). The global insect diversity pattern is explored from three dimensions: species diversity, morphological diversity and genetic diversity. Huaping, Guangxi was selected as one of the 100 sites to explore the origin of global insect diversity and its relationship with the environment through long-term monitoring and cross-regional large-scale comparison. In this study, the data set of beetles collected from the Huaping site during 2020 growing season lasted 7 months (2020.05.09-2020.11.23), covering 10 sites. Each site contained one FIT, one MT and 10 PT. All sites were visited once a week on average. A total of 8,914 beetles were collected during the study period. 563 morphological species from 57 families were identified. The data set consists of four parts. The first part is the original photos of all beetle specimens obtained from all traps at various collection points, with a total of 644 photos. After compression, the file name is The second part is the photos of beetles grouped by morphological species. After compression, the file name is The third part is the statistics of each beetle specimen: the collection method, and the longitude, latitude, and altitude of its sampling point. The file name for this data set is The fourth part is detailed identification information of the morphological species of each specimen. The file name is In addition to joint analysis with the results from other SITE100 sites, this data set can also be used to analyze and compare the distribution and morphological differences of beetle taxa in different habitats. The images of some taxa can provide data support for subsequent geometric morphometrics or morphological studies. This dataset is the first quantitative assessment of beetle diversity in Huaping, and is of great significance in enriching biodiversity background data in China and understanding the origin of insect fauna in southern China.



Based on the feedback, it seems that this will not be supported in the Quartus, attached the workaround wrote by the engineer though it may not be robust enough. Attached the .zip file with the .sv file in it.

The files are saved as a compressed file of the ZIP format in the memory. It is not dropped as a file and exists only in the memory. Yet upon extracting the .zip from the memory before it is sent to the C&C server, you can find the following list of collected information.

Overview: This is a Data Visualization made in 2012 by Vitor Batista, Léo tartari and Thiago Bueno for a W3C Brazil Office challenge about data from Rio Grande do Sul (a brazilian region). The data was released in a .zip package, the original format was .csv. The code and the documentation of the project are in it's GitHub repository.

This is a bit of a faff. First, you need to have the ming32 compiler installed and on your path. Then download the .zip archive from the odespy repository and unzip it. Open the WinPython command prompt and cd to the odespy directory. Try running:

Beta 4 contains no content in it's HDD_files/C or HDD_files/E folders. If you are preparing a hard drive as XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 does, you need to download the Xbox Softmodding Tool's Build v1.1.8 / Installer Variants / XBHDM archive. Extract its content and add it to the HDD_files/C folder of XboxHDM23 Beta 4.

Note: A reminder on a softmodded console the hard drive has to be locked after preparing it before it will work in the console to boot the no-original-game-disc-required softmod installer installed from the XBHDM file.

You need to copy the extracted content from Rocky5's Xbox Softmod Kit Builds / Build v1.1.8 / Installer Variants / XBHDM archive into XboxHDM-2.3-Beta4's HDD_files\C subfolder before running menu option 2. Launch xboxhdm (NOTE: XBoxHDM formats the hard drive wiping all the current content! Used to prepare a new hard drive/SSD, not necessary to just copy the files to the current hard drive to softmod the console.) 041b061a72


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