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Chuckle Inn

Sue Taylor-Reeves

Susan Taylor-Reeves is a published author who has written children’s Christian fiction, including Return to the Garden, which is available on Amazon. Originally from Bristol, England, Sue now lives in Brisbane Australia with her husband, Scott. They have four adult children and five beautiful grandchildren. Sue is a ‘Compassionate Lifer’ (gentle vegan and lover of all creation) who has a passion for animal welfare.


Story of The Chuckle Inn

Background Story

As a couple, my husband Scott and I have been known for many years as Mr & Mrs Chuckles. In our early days we would always be laughing about something, and the name just stuck. Eventually we became known as 'The Chuckles'. Now everything we do has a chuckle in it somewhere.

We have a passion for animal welfare and for the last four years have volunteered at  a local rescue after adopting our first 2 Guineapigs, Teddy and Squeaks. 

Since becoming foster failures we  have filled our home and lives with these fascinating little creatures, and from this love came my passion for writing my stories.

Green Leaves

Inspiration for my writing

Return to the Garden and The Way of the Covenant

Most of us have pets, or at least have had a pet as a child, and with the joy of sharing time on the journey together inevitably there comes a time of sadness and loss. For some this loss of such closeness will cause incredible grief. 

Over time the idea of the 'Rainbow Bridge' appeared, and has become the idea of a place of hope and peace, giving grieving pet owners a small sense of release from this massive loss.

The first appearance of the Rainbow Bridge in relation to animals is believed to come from a poem by Paul C. Dahm, a grief counselor in Oregon. 

I was inspired to write a story about a place where animals will once again be free to live out their lives in peace but incorporating some of the scripture from the bible.

The world that I have created beyond the Earth is The New Garden and can only be accessed through 'The Way of the Covenant'. Each creature will give an account of their lives to The Great Gardener and be escorted home to The New Garden to live in peace for eternity, but what a magnificent place it is, filled with fun, awe and wonder, where you are only limited by your imagination.

My hope is that you will read these books not as 'preachy' Christian books but as a fantasy, a new place created for creatures who were also created by God.


Kindness Comes to Town

Dec 2022

Charli Horse, is the smallest horse that ever  there was. After being rescued from a very sticky situation by Kindness Pigglington life for them was never to be the same again.

As Charli and The Pigglington family grow into their new life together, they create a mysterious chaff and discover that Charli is no run of the mill horse. 

Who would have thought that one large sneeze could set them on an exciting path of adventure. 


Return to the Garden

Paperback Available Now

E-book (Kindle) available on Amazon 

Lowey, the first created creature wakes to find himself in The Garden, he is all knowing, and alone, so he thinks!

Come on an enchanting journey as Lowey and his friends  are forced to live outside of the Garden that had been created for them.

These are the tales of Lowey and Savannah who lead their fellow creatures, helping them adjust to life in a new community called The Clearing, while they search for a way to return to The Garden and back into the peace that they had once known.


The Way of the Covenant

Book 2

Now Available

Time stood still in The Garden, Lowey and Savannah were once again reunited and would live in the peace that they had once known and loved. The Spirit in the Garden danced around them continually placing His word into their hearts and minds, and The Great Gardener was no longer hidden behind the impenetrable wall.

When Lowey returned to The Way of The Covenant The Great Gardener had named him his Chosen One, Lowey had been His first created being that creeps on the earth, and was now privileged to greet and accompany all who came to The Garden by The Way of the Covenant, a position that Lowey had been created to hold and took very seriously.

Continue the Journey with Lowey, Savannah, Avery, Constance and new arrivals as each one gives an account of their lives back in The Clearing and beyond.


The Calling - Book 3

November 2022

The creatures that live in the lands around The Clearing and beyond have begun to have strange dreams. Each one being called to a journey on which there would be no return.

ambrose copy.jpg

Ambrose the Brave

Early 2022

 Chapter 1


Ambrose sprang lightly from the lowest branch of the huge leafy tree and spun around quickly, striking the air with his imaginary sword.

“Ha, ha!” he squeaked at the top of his little mouse lungs. “Take that, aha, and that!” he continued, striking the air again.

Up on one of the middle branches of the tree Morton clung tightly with his enormous, clawed feet as he bobbed up and down, laughing uncontrollably at Ambrose.

“What’s so funny?” Ambrose called, standing up straight and tall, with his furry little paws sitting on his hips.

“Oh Ambrose, at least find a stick you can imagine is a sword,” Morton replied still bobbing on the spot, the sun reflecting off his brown and orange feathers. “You look like your dancing!”

“Ah yes, that is a fine idea,” Ambrose said looking about near the base of the tree. “I wish I still had the stick that I used to defeat that nasty old snake,” he continued, fiddling with his small wispy whiskers. Ambrose suddenly spotted a smallish, pointed stick. He picked it up and began whipping around in the air with it. Even though it was a small stick it was still large for a mouse and made a delicious whip noise as it cut through the air.

“Perfect, this will do nicely. That was a great idea Morton!” Ambrose said spinning around on the spot and pointing his stick at the base of tree.

Morton left the branch stretching out his huge wings, slowly descending to the ground and landing in front of Ambrose.

Spinning around a second time Ambrose pointed his stick at Morton’s fluffy tummy, a huge grin appearing on his face as he gently gave him a poke with the stick, making Morton flinch slightly.

“Ouch! Ambrose, you will need to be careful,” Morton said sternly.

“Aha!” Ambrose squeaked loudly again, still smiling. “You find a stick too,” Ambrose said.

Morton shook his head, dislodging a few tiny brown feathers which floated up into the air and away on the breeze.

“You really did enjoy our adventure some time ago, didn’t you? Morton asked looking at Ambrose who had scurried up onto Morton’s shoulder and was now sat swinging his legs over his wing.  

“I did, so very much,” he squeaked. “So much in fact that I think we should go on another adventure.” he said.

Man with Book

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. 4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not [a]comprehend it.

John 1:1-5


Sue Taylor-Reeves

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