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Oniichan Wa Oshimai! - Episode 3

In English-language coverage of the series, critical responses to the Onimai anime were mixed.[33][34][35] Reviewers generally criticized the premise, lolicon themes, and perceived incestuous overtones, while praising the animation and music, which was near-universally deemed to be of exceptional quality.[33][36][35] Reviewers in the "Winter 2023 Anime Preview Guide" of Anime News Network criticized the depiction of Mahiro's body in the first episode, which Caitlin Moore called a "pedophilic gaze."[33] However, Moore and Chiaki Hirai of Anime Feminist said that the manga was not sexualized to the same degree, and believed the anime's production team was responsible for introducing this perspective to the material.[33][37] Rebecca Silverman was softer in her criticisms, describing the fan service as "relatively toned down" but stated that the narrative premise was "mean".[33] Richard Eisenbeis said the premise was "horrific," and also called the plot point of Mahiro's sex change provoking a newfound interest in yaoi "rooted in gender essentialism."[33]

Oniichan wa Oshimai! - Episode 3

Writing about the first episode for Anime Feminist, Cy Catwell called Onimai "fucking disgusting," citing many of the same criticisms as the Anime News Network writers. Catwell was particularly critical of the plot point involving Mihari's nonconsensual experimentation on Mahiro. Catwell expressed that though they had not read the manga and could not speak to its differences, they were "fiercely put off" of reading it.[36] Chiaki Hirai, criticizing the first three episodes, agreed with Catwell's criticisms. In spite of this, Hirai described the story's perceived themes of friendship and gender dysphoria as "relatable and even wholesome," comparing it to Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu, and said that those who were not dissauded by the "problematic" aspects could appreciate the series.[37]

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